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Big Screen Cinema

A gentleman contacted us to discuss KRIX based on the products being Australian made which he felt strongly about and he had read about Krix and liked the company story. He mentioned that his new cinema room was going to be on the larger side and he was not overly happy with the speaker and system options he had to seen/heard around various stores and asked if we would be prepared to propose a system based on the Krix MX-40 that he had seen on the KRIX website. Of course, we were more than happy to take look at the room and propose a system and some options for his consideration, we asked that he send some plans and we would design a solution.

KRIX MX-40 Design

KRIX MX40 large room

Upon receiving the plans and drawing up a render of the room it became immediately apparent that an MX-40 would work but due to the large room size, distance to the primary seating position and optimal screen size may not be the ideal solution so two options were proposed. One based around MX-40

KRIX Cinematix Design

Big Screen Cinema

The second design option takes into consideration that the primary seating position allowed for a 240” 2:37 cinemascope screen which left a lot of space for speakers behind the screen ideal for Krix Cinamatix LCR speakers and a pair of Mega Cyclonix dual 18" subwoofers. We also added front wide speakers, mid-height speakers and a pair of subwoofers at the rear of the room that would assure next-level performance to exceed the client's expectations and be guaranteed to fill the room with impactful immersive sound

The Decision

After some discussion on the two systems, it was agreed that it would be a good idea to organise a time to audition our showroom KRX MX-40 cinema and experience KRIX sound first hand. Once our client spent some time in our MX-40 demonstration cinema he was sold on KRIX loving the vocal clarity and true cinematic presentation of sound which he claimed was unlike any cinema he had heard or owned in the past.

As our demonstration cinema dimensions are smaller (133" Cinemascope screen) than what his room was going to be it was decided that the KRIX Cinematix 240" Cinemascope screen option would be his choice


Speakers Specified;

Processing and Amplification Specified;

Projector and Screen Specified;


Big Screen Cinema

Our client has a very keen eye for design and had a clear vision of how the room was going to be finished. The layout of the room on the plan was pretty much flawless with three generous tiers for seating and plenty of height. the only hurdle was a lack of space to place rear subwoofers due to a bathroom directly behind the room and this is the only compromise we had to make using 12" in ceiling subwoofers over the rear row of chairs. He liked the idea of creating a box to cantilever the speakers and screen off the front wall which we designed and he had built. Our client wanted to keep the walls and ceiling colour light with heavy curtains down each side, he also wanted to use casual seating instead of formal cinema chairs


Due to the amount of equipment, size of equipment and precision required installation took around two weeks before calibration could commence

Big Screen Cinema
Big Screen Cinema


Once Calibrated the room would have to be one of the best sounding cinemas we have heard to date. no matter where you sit in this very large room you are enveloped in immersive sound and we had no problem achieving cinema reference levels at the primary listening position when plenty of headroom

Big Screen Cinema