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Audioquest is one of the few cable manufactures that use solid conductors instead of stranded as most company's do. Their belief is that information flows more easily across a sheer surface instead of hopping across strands. Not only does Audioquest pioneer in this cable construction method when it comes to how a conductor is terminated most terminations/connectors are soldered using heat, Auidoquest developed a cold soldering technique that allows a more precise bond and greater space between conductors reducing crosstalk a Major benefit especially in the 48gbps HDMI range where there are multiple conductors terminated in a small HDMI head

Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill has been a stronger supporter of Audioquest for many years and still today we believe they offer some of the best cables out there. We carry almost the complete range of HDMI cables, along with some speaker cables and interconnects.

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Analogue Audio Interconnects - RCA & XLR

Coaxial Digital Cables

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