In order to bring the highest level musical experience to demanding audiophiles, TEAC launched the “ESOTERIC” brand in 1987 which exclusively engineered and manufactured high end audio products. The Companies first introductions included the P-1 / D-1 separate CD player system and the R-1 DAT recorder. The P-1 was their first introduction of the truly unique VRDS (Vibration-free Rigid Disc Clamping System) mechanism attracting serious attention among many true audiophiles of that era. Since then the company continues to make products with excellent build and attention to detail and of course first class sound, Sydney HiFi Castle Hill is a strong advocate of Esoteric and will happily let you enjoy their products in store.

$17,000.00 inc. GST
$12,500.00 inc. GST
$33,000.00 inc. GST
$20,000.00 inc. GST
$30,000.00 inc. GST

Music Streaming & Network Audio

Esoteric N-03T Reference Network Audio Transport

$13,500.00 inc. GST
$26,000.00 inc. GST
$16,000.00 inc. GST
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