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Located in Silicon Valley, MSB Technology’s dedicated engineers and production specialists work to bring you the best in high-end audio. Combining elegant design thinking with a passion for lifelike reproduction, their close-knit team, led by brothers Jonathan and Daniel Gullman, build and curate a wide array of hi-fi products including DACs, transports and amplifiers setting an industry benchmark. By relying on tight integration between electrical, mechanical and consumer needs, MSB strives to push the listening experience further. At the end of the day, their joy comes from innovation and sharing their leading-edge technologies with the world. Designing DACs for more than 25 years has given MSB Technology keen insights for future-ready products. Now, more than ever, their product range has the most flexible architecture yet. California based in-house development and manufacturing has evolved the digital front-end to a new level of playback.


MSB Technology

DAC - Digital to Analogue Converters