Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics is at the forefront of Hi-Fi technology developing state fo the art ultra-high-performance audio components to enhance your Hi-Fi system and transcend your listing experience to a whole new level. All Chord products are designed and manufactured by hand in the UK using only the very best materials.

Chord Electronics
Chord Electronics Hugo TT2

Chord product some of the finest audio components on the planet including

  • Mono Amplifiers
  • Stereo Amplifiers
  • Integrated Amplifiers
  • Pre-Amplifiers
  • Headphone Amplifiers
  • Phono Pre-Amplifiers
  • Digital to Analogue Converters
  • CD players/Transports

Popular products

$2,500.00 inc. GST
$27,500.00 inc. GST
$2,000.00 inc. GST
$1,200.00 inc. GST

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