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Cinema Renovation

Our client contacted Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill after recently purchasing a home that had a pre-existing media room in the basement. He explained that the previous owners had left some equipment but had taken some key components rendering the room inoperable. He asked for some indication on what it would cost to get the room running again and if we would come out and have a look.

Based on the images of the old system it appeared that the company that designed the room had very little to no idea of speaker placement plus the room was not long enough to accommodate two rows of seating comfortably. Once we had visited the room and assessed what we had to work with we could go about designing a system to meet our clients brief of a single row of seating with high-performance image and sound.


Cinema Renovation

The room is 5.5 meters long by 3.7 meters wide and the first row of seating is so close to the screen that the screen size was under 100" to try and compensate, not a screen size typically used in a dedicated room, the centre speaker is sitting on the floor which greatly reduces vocal legibility and lessens the overall experience being so far away from the screen. The surround speakers are placed in the ceiling between the two rows of chairs so they are not properly placed for either row. The projector was tilted on such an angle keystone was used which is a big no-no for image quality


Cinema Renovation

We proposed a design that added wall mounted surround speakers on either side of the row of seating and used the existing ceiling speaker cutouts for Atmos. We proposed an acoustically transparent screen in 120" which was as large as the room would take and not have the image to low. The new screen allowed the placement of three speakers in a custom wall box to sit behind to assist in overall immersion. Two subwoofers were suggested to supply plenty of bass.


KRIX speakers were proposed throughout the cinema, We specified KRIX Magaphonix In-Wall for the front left, centre and right, KRIX Dynamix Mk2 surrounds, KRIX Hemispherix for Atmos plus a pair of KRIX Volcanix subwoofers for bass.

Other Components Specified

Projection is by JVC, Screen is Majestic AT, amplification by Marantz, control is provided by Control4 and networking is Araknis


Cinema Renovation

Due to all of the walls being constructed of core filled block the room is very quiet and the system fills the room with awesome dynamics and tones of bass which is exactly what our client requested. He and his family are thrilled with the results and are certain to give the room plenty of use.

Cinema Renovation Client Testimonial

Thank you for all your efforts, we are really enjoying the system! I’m blown away at how good it is and the service I have received from you guys