Media Room & Home Theatre Speaker Placement Guide

At Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill we get asked: “where should I put the speakers” all of the time and worst case we withness speakers that are placed in the wrong locations regularly! This page will help cover best practices for speaker placement for most rooms up to 11 channels. If your requirements are more demanding or channel count is higher please contact our custom cinema division.

Correct speaker placement is vital for you to extract the best cinematic experience from the equipment used in your room. We take your room dimensions and primary seating position into account when designing a media room or home theatre system and in accordance, we will apply one of the following configurations.

Flush Ceiling Surround Sound

For rooms where there is no alternative option other than installing speakers in the ceiling for surround sound.

5.1 Flush Ceiling Speaker Surround Sound

7.1 Flush Ceiling Speaker Surround Sound

The placement for surround speakers illustrated above can be used when using floor or wall LCR speakers

5.2.2 & 5.2.4 Speaker Placement for Dolby Atmos


This configuration is used when the seating position is close to the rear wall and will not allow the use of rear surround and or rear height speakers


This configuration is used when the room will allow rear height speakers but there is no way of positioning rear surround speakers in/on the wall or floor

7.2.2 & 7.2.4 Speaker Placement for Dolby Atmos


This configuration is used when the the room will allow the seating position to be off the rear wall but not far enough to place rear height speakers


This configuration is used when the room is large enough to place the seating position far enough away from the rear wall to utilise height front and back plus surround and rear surround speakers


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