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Moovia home theatre seating is like no other, Luxury, elegance and comfort. Moovia has a broad range of seating styles availible with all models showcasing a combination of German hand made precision and ultra-high-quality materials.


Build Your Lounge

Moovia has a no expense spared outlook to building their chairs, you specify if you want one, two or three independent motors for reclining and adjustment, you can choose what grade of leather or material is used and colour of stitching, There is a choice of timber, 22K gold plated or stainless cupholders, Other options include Swarovski crystal elements, heated seats, lighting and automation.



Moovia Theatre Seating is available in a multitude of configurations from single chairs to rows of five. You can elect to have individual seating, love seat or a combination of both in strait of curved rows. Select models are available in chaise lounge


Book an Appointment to Experience Moovia

Please call us on (02) 9989 9079 or Fill out the form below to have one of our friendly staff members contact you to organise a date and time to visit our Moovia demonstration room

[Click Here] to view the Moovia Product Lineup