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Movies Music and Karaoke

One of our new construction partners KDE Group introduced us to a couple that was going to have a new home built and they wanted to have the media room fitted out with a system that would have high fidelity sound without cluttering up the room with large speaker boxes, they also expressed the need for the room to be immersive for moves and last but certainly not least they wanted to enjoy Karaoke with friends.


The room dimensions allowed for seven wall speakers left, centre, right, surround and rear surround locations. Two ceiling speakers (Atmos) and two subwoofers to be proposed in a 7.2.2 configuration with a 130” 16:9 acoustically transparent screen

Movies Music and Karaoke
Bowers and Wilkins

Bowers and Wilkins CI 700 series speakers where the natural choice for this design as their musicality and larger size fitted the music and karaoke part of the brief and we have used this series for may years in cinema with excellent results. We specified B&W CWM 7.3 for the left, centre and right, CWM 7.5 for surround and rear surrounds plus CCM682 for Atmos. We went with two REL S/812 subwoofers as they integrate beautifully with the CWM 7.3’s for music and perform superbly for movies

Other Components Specified

Projection is by JVC DLA-N7, Screen is Majestic AT, Processing is Marantz AV8805, amplification by Marantz, AV & lighting control is provided by Control4 and 4k Blu-Ray is Pioneer

The clients approved the design and we scheduled a pre-wire with the builder and once the home was complete installed the system. as the client travelled to Asia on business frequently they volunteered to research the best karaoke machine and purchase it for Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill to incorporate into the system


Movies Music and Karaoke

Movies Music and Karaoke Client Testimonial

Thank you Michael for being so patient and helping us build such a wonderful system, it really feels like it was designed specifically for us. We are watching plenty of movies, my husband is really enjoying listening to music and we have already had some karaoke nights, our friends love the system too!