Araknis Networks 510 Series Wave 2 AC 1300 Indoor Wall Mount Wireless Access Point

$955.00 inc. GST

Wall Mount Wireless Access Point
Araknis Networks 510 Series Wave 2 AC 1300 Indoor Wall Mount Wireless Access Point

$955.00 inc. GST

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Deliver higher speed on more devices than ever before with the Araknis Networks 510 series Wave 2 AC 1300 Indoor Wall Mount Wireless Access Point. The latest Wave 2 AC technology permits more devices to talk to the access point simultaneously, making it perfect for high-density networks with multiple wireless clients. With a 2×2:2 Wave 2 Wireless AC antenna, this WAP delivers a reliable connection with a speed of up to 1300Mbps. Our wall mount design is not only compact & stylish but it’s also made specifically for optimal on-wall performance. A PoE In Gigabit Ethernet port on the back makes for easy, 2-step mounting, and we’ve even included a PoE Out so you can power a network device directly from the access point.

Wall Mount Wireless Access Point Araknis Networks 510 series Key Features:

Wall Mount Wireless Access Point

Wave 2 AC

Install the latest technology with the next iteration of Wi-Fi AC. Wave 2 AC permits multiple users to talk to the access point simultaneously (MU-MIMO) and allows the access point to handle more communication, producing less congestion on the network and offering support for higher throughput. This feature makes the Araknis 510-Series WAP perfect for high-density networks that need to handle more wireless devices.

Compact & Easy to Install

The 510-Series Indoor Wall Mount WAP is perfect for jobs where mounting an on-ceiling model would be difficult or impossible, like in spaces without ceiling cable access or retrofit installs. And unlike competitors whose WAPs require three steps to install, this WAP’s front plate snaps on quickly – no screwdriver required. Plus, this WAP is sleek enough to fit perfectly on a single gang junction box.

PoE Out

We’ve included both a data port and an 802.3af PoE Out, so you can effectively use this WAP as a two-port switch. Connect another network device to the data port and use the PoE Out to power an additional network device, like an IP camera or even an entire network in a-can.

PoE+ Powered

You don’t need to run extra wiring to power this WAP. Simply plug in your existing category cable by utilizing the 802.3at standard, and you’ll be powered up and ready to go.


As part of the 802.11ac standard, chipset-based beamforming automatically directs the wireless signal toward heavily used clients, maximizing signal strength and minimizing side noise on every device.

Fast Roaming Capability

Fast Roaming allows for a quick and seamless transition between multiple wireless access points. The location-based triangulation helps determine the closest and strongest AP, then automatically connects your device.

Safe & Secure

This WAP features a Kensington-style slot to help maintain the physical security of the access point with a lock when it’s placed in a high-visibility area, like a restaurant or retail location.

Network Control with OvrC Home

With Araknis and OvrC, your customers can easily manage their wireless devices. Easy-to-set up user profiles allow users to schedule and restrict Wi-Fi access as they see fit. And unlike competitors who require a separate box or third-party service, OvrC uses the native capabilities of the WAP, so you get full control and flexibility.

Fast Setup with OvrC Wi-Fi Management

With cloud configuration for projects with multiple access points, you can add or edit networks, manage SSIDs, and set up channel and roaming settings from the OvrC mobile or web app, eliminating hours of manual setup time.

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