$6,990.00 inc. GST

Densen B-440XS
Densen B-440XS CD Player

$6,990.00 inc. GST

The Densen B-440XS features a completely new Digital to Analogue converter, combined with the Densen CD transport, makes the B-440XS a formidable performer. Also new in the XS model is the addition of a digital input allowing the B-440XS to be used as DAC for a streamer or another digital source. The B-440XS may look like the natural progression of the award-winning Densen B-440+ at least price-wise, but actually, the 440XS  is more than a successor and pushes the quality of CD Playback significantly. The B-440XS is in all aspects optimised for perfect performance. The signal comes from the heavily modified CD transport, with external clock control to avoid jitter by using the same clock in both sending and receiving end of the data stream. Passes through the advanced PCB layout to the DAC, and further on through the analogue stage which uses Densen’s unique non-feedback class A topology.

Densen B-440XS Highlights:

  • Dual-mono DAC design with output stage based on a 6 Watt class A amp with zero feedback
  • Fitted with Densens latest CD drive, the “Masterclock V.3”
  • Features a digital Coaxial input and as such doubles as a DAC
  • Extremely overkill 300VA toroidal power transformer with no less than 8 individual regulators.
  • 40.000 uF capacitor bank of Densen high-grade custom Densen capacitors.
  • Upgradeable with external power supply (1-NRG, 2-NRG)
  • Designed in Denmark – Made in Denmark


Customized CD transport
Line outputs: 2
Digital outputs: 2
Digital Input: 1 COAX/SPDIF
Storage capacity: 40.000uF
D/A converters: 2
D/A converters type: Just listen…
Weight/shippingweight: 8/10 Kg
Product dimensions (WxDxH): 440x310x64mm

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