Elektra Reference HD 2X300watt Power Amplifier – Australian Made

$4,995.00 inc. GST

Elektra Reference HD
Elektra Reference HD 2X300watt Power Amplifier – Australian Made

The Elektra Reference HD two-channel power amplifier is designed and built using the very best of components by Australian amplifier guru Author Rappos to deliver superb musicality and controlled power. This amplifier’s performance is extremely hard to beat at this price point. The Reference HD has extremely low distortion across the entire audio bandwidth from 20Hz to 20kHz. It is a completely new design using innovative technology to deliver an uncompromising, full High Definition stereo music experience. Reference HD also yields better performance in slew rate, resulting in beħer sound and improved bass response. It uses a hefty Dual-Mono power supply with high specification power supply capacitors to help achieve this.

The craftsmanship, innovative design and premium construction, together with comprehensive after-sales support, are your guarantee that you will be very happy with your Elektra Reference HD. You are buying an amplifier that has been designed to provide the greatest musical

Want more performance? Buy two and bridge them to mono for 2 X 1000watts into 8ohm

Elektra Reference HD Key Information:

Designed and built in Australia

Power per Channel(RMS) 

  • 2 Channels at 8ohms 300watts
  • 2 Channels at 4ohms 600watts
  • Bridged mono at 8ohms 1000watts

Also Featured:

  • RCA Inputs
  • XLR inputs
  • WBT Banana Plug Speaker Connectors
  • 12V Trigger
  • 3-year transferable warranty


445mm(w) x 370mm(d) x 160mm(h)



Front Panel Design

Elektra, KRIX

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