Esoteric Grandioso P1X Super Audio CD Transport – Made in Japan

$59,500.00 inc. GST

Esoteric Grandioso P1X CD SACD Transport
Esoteric Grandioso P1X Super Audio CD Transport – Made in Japan

$59,500.00 inc. GST

With the Esoteric Grandioso P1X Super Audio CD Transport, a revolution in the audio world has arrived. ESOTERIC engineers have taken the best and made it even better. Introducing the new P1X CD/SACD transport. Featuring the brand new VRDS-ATLAS CD/SACD mechanism, the P1X is the most accurate and technically advanced optical disc playback device ever created. Coupled with the brand new D1X mono DAC’s, the new P1X, D1X system is the ultimate digital source.

Esoteric Grandioso P1X Information:

  • “VRDS ATLAS” Transport mechanism
  • ES-LINK 5 Digital transfer protocol
  • Dual chassis design for the main unit and power supply
  • Low feedback DC power regulator
  • New design Grandioso custom VCXO clock
  • External clock sync
  • New design chassis construction
VRDS Technology

VRDS (Vibration-Free Rigid Disc-Clamping System) is Esoteric’s unique CD/Super Audio CD transport technology, which has been specially designed to clamp the disc to a same-diameter turntable in order to eliminate the disc’s rotational vibration, as well as any extraneous vibration emanating from the mechanism itself. It also corrects any warpage of the disc dramatically improving the accuracy of both the optical pickup and the disc pit layer’s corresponding optical axis while also minimizing servo current. This all adds up to dramatically reduced disc read error for exceptional audio quality.


Playable disc types Super Audio CD, CD (including CD-R and CD-RW)
Digital audio outputs
XLR 2 pairs(During Dual AES output, one connector each for left and right channels of a stereo pair)
RCA 1 pair
Clock input
Input impedance 50Ω
Input level ±sine wave 0.5 to 1.0Vrms
Input frequency 10MHz (±10ppm)
Power supply
AC 220 – 240V, 50/60Hz
AC 120V, 60Hz
AC 220V, 60Hz
Power consumption 20W
External dimensions (W×H×D)
Main unit 445 × 162 × 449mm
17-⅝” × 6-½” × 17-¾” (including protrusions)
Power supply unit 445 × 132 × 452mm
17-⅝” × 5-¼” × 17-⅞” (including protrusions)
Main unit 29kg / 64 lb
Power supply unit 24kg / 53 lb
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