Kharma Exquisite Speaker Cable

$26,500.00 inc. GST

Kharma Exquisite Speaker Cable
Kharma Exquisite Speaker Cable

$26,500.00 inc. GST

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Kharma Exquisite Speaker Cable INTRODUCTION

The level of technological delicacy and the passion for craftsmanship fully reflect in the appearance of the Exquisite Loudspeaker Cable. Creating an undisturbed signal path with the combination of individually chambered conductors, vibration-reducing tubing, genuine black leather sleeves and ultra-effective screening.

True craftsmanship is the foundation of this special Loudspeaker Cable and can be found in the handmade Silver-Gold spades and the attention to detail in the cable end, resulting in blank anodized aluminium and Gold trimming details.

Kharma Exquisite Interconnect Cable


Kharma Exquisite Speaker Cable Information:


The Silver-Gold spades of the Exquisite Loudspeaker Cable are moulded by a Dutch silversmith that refines every spade one by one. A true Dutch Masterpiece with a high level of craftsmanship is introduced within this cable. The use of these special made Silver-Gold spades minimizes the unwanted external electromagnetic interference and mechanical vibrations.


The Exquisite Speaker Collection uses a combination of blank anodized parts with Gold trimming details. The Cable Collection uses this same combination for the cable endings and adds a new finish: genuine black leather sleeves to protect the cable and reduce vibrations thanks to their internal damping coefficient. The sleeves match perfectly with the Exquisite Collection and possess a useful mechanical property.



  • KLC-EX-1.0

Minimal length

  • 2 meter


  • Silver spades

2-meter length is standard, other lengths are available to special order. Please contact our friendly staff for further information and pricing

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