MAG-LEV Audio Turntable with Magnetic Levitation Platter

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MAG-LEV Audio Turntable with Magnetic Levitation Platter
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If you are in the market for a great sounding turntable and would also like it to be a showpiece the MAG-LEV is hard to beat. This futuristic-looking turntable uses a magnetic field to allow the platter to float and rotate suspended in mid-air which will really have your guests talking! Due to the decoupling process, the record is completely isolated from the rooms surroundings resulting in very high-quality vinyl playback

MAG-LEV Audio Turntable Key Features:

The drive system in this turntable is where all the magic is. It is completely different from anything else on the market. By using our innovative and patented technology, we were able to achieve not only magnetic levitation, but we’ve also been able to maintain the incredibly precise turning of the platter with sensor regulating software. Air is the smoothest medium with the least amount of friction, which further elevates this project into a truly unique listening experience.

  • Magnetic Levitation, Semi-automatic operation
  • Pro-Ject 9cc carbon tonearm
  • Ortofon OM-10 cartridge
  • 33 & 45 rpm adjustable
  • Semi-automatic operation (turntable lifts the tonearm at end of the record)
  • Electric raising platter support feet when the turntable is not in use


speed: 33/45 (digital speed change)
principle: mag-lev drive
platter: 300mm board with felt mat
main bearing: aluminium
effective arm lenght: 218.5mm
overhang: 22mm
effective tonearm mass: 3-5.5g
tracking force range: 0-25mn (OM5 18mn recommended)
included accessory: adaptor for use 7″ single records
power consumption: 12 watts
dimensions: 450 x 150 x330mm (WxHxD)
weight: 8.8 kg net

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