$1,520.00 inc. GST

Marantz NA8005
Marantz NA8005 Network Player

$1,520.00 inc. GST

If you are interested in streaming music via a network, USB or Spotify the Marantz NA8005 will not only fulfil your requirements it will exceed your expectations! The NA8005 offers outstanding build quality and sonic performance that we all have come to expect from Marantz.

Marantz NA8005 Key Features:

  • DLNA 1.5 Network Audio Player with Network streaming, AirPlay, Internet Radio and Spotify Connect integration
  • Network streaming: up to DSD (DoP), FLAC 192/24, WAV 192/24, ALAC and Gapless support
  • DAC Mode with 3 Digital Inputs (USB-B, Coaxial, Optical) and USB-A on front
  • USB-B port works in asynchronous mode and is capable of handling PCM up to 192kHz/24bits and DSD2.8 & 5.6Mhz direct streaming
  • Analog audio circuits featuring Marantz HDAM®-SA2 for high-quality audio
  • High Current Audiophile DAC and accurate dual system clock and high quality customised components
  • Full Discrete Headphone Amplifier
  • System remote to control Amplifier, CD-Player and Network Player

The player operates as a soundcard for the PC and the USB-B port works in asynchronous mode to support not only 192 kHz / 24bit files but also DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz for maximized performance. That’s the most direct way to enjoy excellent quality. And you can also stream high-resolution FLAC and even DSD files via the network connection too. And on top of all this, there is AirPlay functionality to support direct music streaming from your iDevice or iTunes, and for charging and playback, there is also an iDevice-digital-compatible USB input on the front. This is versatility in the extreme, but amazingly it’s also extremely easy to operate via the large display or the Marantz Remote App for Apple and Android.


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