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Michell Engineering Record Clamp
Michell Engineering Record Clamp
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Michell Engineering Record Clamp is manufactured from black Delrin with an anodised aluminium knob. This record clamp can be used with any Michell turntable as well as any other brand, there is also a specific Rega model to accommodate the lower spindle.

Michell Engineering Record Clamp Key Features:

  • Manufactured from high-quality materials
  • knurled locking knob
  • fits most turntables
  • Rega specific clamp available

Why use a Record Clamp?

During the process of playing a record, minute vibrations are created in the vinyl as a result of the stylus tracing the groove. Left untreated, these vibrations can make their way back to the stylus, resulting in spurious output from the cartridge. The turntable platter and or mat are intended to damp the LP, reducing the errant vibrations. For the mat or platter to do its job, there must be intimate contact with the record. Compounding the problem is the fact that most records are not perfectly flat, making good contact with the mat or platter even more difficult. The intent of a record clamp or weight is to tightly couple the record to the platter or mat so these vibrations are more effectively transferred therefore maximizing the damping offered by the platter and mat.


To suit all Michell and third-party turntables, To suit Rega turntables

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