Opera Grand Mezza Floor Standing Speakers – Made In Italy

$4,700.00 inc. GST

Opera Grand Mezza floor standing speakers made in Italy
Opera Grand Mezza Floor Standing Speakers – Made In Italy

While certainly within the reach of a majority of music lovers, the Opera Grand Mezza is far from an “entry-level” speaker system. Opera’s aim is to provide a quality speaker suitable for normal home use with low or medium power amplifiers starting from 10-12 watts RMS.

Prima is designed and manufactured in Treviso Italy using the highest quality components and materials. Rigorous testing of each model is conducted using Oprea’s sister company Unison Research tube and hybrid amplifiers to assure the best performance possible. Quinta is offered in high-quality Cherry, Mahogany and Black Ask finishes with a leather front and top.

If you are looking to buy a complete Hi-Fi system we recommend Opera speakers with Unison Research electronics as a match made in heaven

Opera Grand Mezza Specifications:


20 x 32 x 32,5 cm ( LxHxD)




3 ways, floor standing, reflex with front-firing duct


Black ash, Cherry and Mahogany


2×5” woofer (Seas) polypropylene
1×5” midrange (Seas) double treated cone

Speaker Design:


Frequency response:

40 -20000 Hz


Parallel, low pass: 12 dB/oct between woofer and midrange. Cascaded Low pass at 2000 Hz
High pas:  12 dB/oct (tweeter)

Cross-over frequency:

200 & 2000 Hz


120 watt RMS


10 Watt RMS o più senza clipping


starting from 10 Watt RMS or more – far from clipping condition

Maximum Power

120 watt RMS

Nominal Impedance

4 ohm (Z min > 4 ohms)

In-room position:
far from room angles


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