$1,304.00 inc. GST

Pakedge RK 1
Pakedge RK 1 Gigabit Router

$1,304.00 inc. GST

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The Pakedge RK 1 is designed for medium to large networks or if you want the assurance that you have one of the best routers on the market today. the RK-1 features 7 Gigabit-capable ports, 2 Wan and 5 Lan. Another very useful feature is the Pakedge BakPak software allowing live diagnostics and remote reporting on your routers status and network health.

Pakedge RK 1 Key Features:

  • 7 Gigabit Ports – 2 WAN, 5 LAN
  • Up to 900Mbps LAN – WAN Throughput
  • 2 USB ports for file sharing, media server
  • TruStream™ AV traffic management (IGMP snooping, QoS)
  • Traffic segmentation with PakedgeZones™
  • Security (Firewall, Virtual DMZ, PPTP VPN, Device and Website Access Control, guest port)
  • Intuitive browser-based management menu
  • Onboard diagnostics and real-time reporting
  • Secure remote access for support
  • Pakedge Dynamic DNS
  • Cloud firmware update
  • Supports OpenVPN

Stream anything, and everything

Your router acts as the brains of your network, redirecting and assigning data to their proper destinations. To get the most out of your network, you need a router that offers all the features required for a seamless and scalable AV system.


The Rk-1 router does not offer any wireless capabilities. We recommend adding one of our wireless access points to the RK-1 as the most reliable robust combination for your home wired and wireless network solution

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