Screen Technics ElectriCinema Motorised Projection Screen

The Screen Technics ElectriCinema range of motorised screens offer a solution for any home cinema where a fixed screen cannot be used. We have used Screen Technics motorised roller projection screens exclusively for well over 15 years with excellent results and as an added bonus they are manufactured in New South Wales Australia!

BEWARE of Inferior Quality Screens!:

We have been asked to supply and install cheaper motorised screens in the past and from our very brief experience, DONT DO IT! We ended up replacing the cheaper screens with Screen Technics due to the inferior quality screen failing constantly

Screen Technics ElectriCinema Screen Options:

Ratio Options:

  • 4:3 (Seldom used)
  • 16:9 (Widescreen. Most popular, today’s current standard)
  • 16:10 (Commercial only)

Material Options:

  • White 1.1 gain (Sharpest Picture)
  • Hi-Contrast Grey (For rooms where darkness cannot be achieved)
  • Side Tension (For performance cinema where a fixed frame screen cannot be used)

Screen Box Options:

  • ceiling or wall mountable
  • Optional powder coating to any Dulux powder coat Finnish
  • Option recess box available to hide the screen inside the ceiling

Control Options:

  • RF remote control
  • 12-volt trigger
  • Contact closure
  • IP control
  • IR control


Due to the range of materials and sizes offered please call our friendly staff and they will help you price your motorised screen

Custom Installation:

We offer an in house installation service for all of our home theatre systems


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