Sonitus Acoustics Bigfusor Diffuser Panels

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Sonitus Acoustics Bigfusor Black diffuser panels
Sonitus Acoustics Bigfusor Diffuser Panels
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Not just another moulded plastic deflector panel, Sonitus Acoustics Bigfusor is a 15cm deep 3D diffuser made of hardened expanded polystyrene with acrylic paint finish sculpted in a series of block and cavity shapes for effective hemispherical scattering. The unique shape converts incoming sound waves into 3-dimensional space for a more enveloping sound field. This very affordable module eliminates slap echoes while maintaining mid and high-frequency energy in the room. Bigfusers scatter a wide range of frequencies, starting at 350Hz, and going all the way up to 6kHz.

Sonitus Acoustics Bigfusor Key Features:

  • Three 600mmX600mmX150mm panels per box
  • Block-and-cavity series 3D Diffuser
  • Professional Look
  • Advanced engineering
  • Hard expanded polystyrene with acrylic paint finish for effective scattering
  • Available in 2 colours
  • Built to last



Hard Expanded Polystyrene


3 pcs / 1,08 m2

62cm x 62cm x 50cm

Easy installation with non-aggressive adhesives, or silicone.



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