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Sorane SA-1.2
Sorane SA-1.2 Tonearm
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Sorane SA-1.2 all hand made and hand-assembled by craftsmen. The sound of the Sorane SA-1.2 tonearm is quite unique, due to its ridged design and construction, the main arm component is engineered from one billet of aluminium and assembled with great precision and care. There is virtually none of the resonance associated with S-shaped arms and far more strength plus lower ‘critical’ resonances than virtually all straight arms.

Sorane SA-1.2

Sorane SA-1.2 Key Features:

  • The SA-1.2 is available in 3 screw base (Rega) and cylinder base versions.
  • Detachable headshell
  • Detachable RCA phono cable
  • Optional XLR phono cable available

Sorane Tonarm Range Shared Features:

CNC, Machine-tooled and hand-assembled by skilled Japanese
craftsmen. This highly skilled and delicate hand-assembly
differentiates Sorane tonearms from mass-produced Japanese
tonearms. With standard quality goals, high-volume production
tonearms are manufactured by die-casting and semi-automatic
assembly line processes, to keep production costs low.
b Concerning the reproduced sound from these models: The
designer is confident you will get precise and clean sound,
which can only be had from hand-made tonearms, but at a very
reasonable price.

In particular, the SA-1.2 and ZA-12 will produce rich and tight
bass, coming from the extremely rigid rectangular shaped armwand.
d Skilled hand assembly does not simply mean “combining
the constituent parts by hand”. Skilled hand assembly involves
measurement, adjustment and hand-fitting to produce optimal
interface between machined surfaces. Once completed, the fitment
between every part is ideal, satisfying the necessary conditions for
chatter-free reproduction of analog sound.
e Most importantly, the key to tonearm quality is highly sensitive
and delicate motion, for which the bearings are the determining

Gimbal-bearing designs for excellent bass, dynamic sound and
imaging, as well as unconditional azimuth stability (Which is
the biggest problem for conventional uni-pivots bearing).

For SA-1.2, SA-1.2B, SA-1.2BCS, (As attached photo) two
sets of fine radial bearings are installed for both horizontal (set
in the bearing stem column) and vertical (further small bearing at
tonearm wand) suspension. This assures audiophiles of smooth
tonearm function, greater longevity, better consistency, and
enhanced ability to track warped vinyl.

(In SA-1.2BCS,negative-balance selection is to follow more
precisely to warped vinyl)
(More versatile bearing of “Double Bearing Pivot suspension” is
applied to ZA-12, as mentioned after.)
h For TA-1 and TA-1L, the same type radial bearing, used in the
SA-1.2 for horizontal motion is used, while a delicate pivot bearing
is employed for vertical movement (this is still a bearing, but the
bearing axis end is cone-shaped and requires careful assembly
and adjustment). The right side cone in this photo is inserted into
the miniature bearing inner race.

For the SA1.2 and ZA-12, lead wires run through separate
aluminium tubes inside the arm, maximizing stereo separation.

For the ZA-12, the tonearm collet is removed. The effective
length and geometry gives very low tracking error. The stylus tip
of the cartridge is maintained as closely to the centerline of the
tonearm as possible. The mass distribution is kept as close to
neutral as possible.

Comes with phono cable (RCA output plug, or optionally as
XLR), screws, washers, wrench and marking pin.
l Antiskating mechanism works favourably, in proportion to
cartridge vertical stylus tracking force.


Version & Colour

SA-1.2 9" 3 screw base, SA-1.2 9" 3 screw base with two headshells, SA-1.2 9" cylinder base, SA-1.2 9" 3 screw base black, SA-1.2 9" 3 screw base with two headshells black, SA-1.2 9" cylinder base black

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