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Karan Acoustics KA – L Mk3 Stereo Line Preamplifier

$16,700.00 inc. GST


Our new true differential (balanced) preamplifier KA L Mk3 is developed for advanced audiophiles. Packed into a nice high gauge aluminium case, it is made of everything needed for the highest sound quality. Application of the latest solutions resulted in a higher level of sound, even better than the previous, very successful model.
This amplifier offers you completely natural sound in an uncompromised design, therefore listening sessions  will be turned into a deep and emotional experience.Technical data:
* Completely balanced, dual mono circuit topology with no overall feedback
* All stages are DC coupled and operate in true pure class A
* The preamp is remote controllable;
* Overall frequency response of line inputs is DC-300kHz, +0, -3dB;
* Intermodulation distortion is below 0.008%;
* Input sensitivities: RCA-line= 750mV/30k; XLR-line= 1,5V/30k;
* Line level input S/N ratio is better than -110 dB;
* Output level: 6V/0.6 Ohms;
* Dimensions 500×110 x 340 mm WxHxD,
* Dimensions in box 640x230x470 mm WxHxD
* Net weight 20 kg;
* Btto weight 28 kg
Silver or Black Finish

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