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Larvardin Model IS Integrated Amplifier

$3,950.00 inc. GST


The tour de force : Larvardin’s memory free design is once again in full affect and this well-built entry point amp benefits from the design.

The IS finds ways to bring you closer to the music and does this with a clarity that makes many other amps sound slow and detached. A truly accomplished sound is achieved and it never becomes aggressive or harsh, as you add volume you just fall deeper into the soundstage.

Inputs4 on gold plated high quality hand mounted cinch connector
Input impedance10Kohms
Input sensibility330 millivolts
Line outputfactory option
MM phono inputfactory option on input 4
Input selectionsealed relays
Relay contactgold, silver, palladium alloy
Output power 2×45 W RMS on 8 Ohms / maximum 2×95 W on 2 Ohms
Output impedancenominal 8 Ohms
Harmonic distortion 0,005% @ max output
TechnologyHigh Speed and low Memory Distortion Solid State Circuits
Lavardin Technologies Design
Size (mm)H 80 L 430 P 340
FinishBlack anodised and painted non magnetic high-grade aluminium
Weight 6,5 Kg net (13 lbs)
Power consumption32 watts idle ; 180 watts maximum
Model IS ReferenceSpecial suspended PSU


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