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Larvardin Model IT Integrated Amplifier

$10,500.00 inc. GST


The Larvardin Model IT is the first audio amplifier in the world to be based on our original “Memory Free” technology.

The IT is the outcome of 12 years listening tests and many comparisons to deliver the best possible sound for the money.
The IT is the flagship model in Larvardin’s lineup and it amply demonstrates what their memory free technology and design ethos bring to the table. A very open clean and well controlled sound is available from any speaker we have attached to it.

Minimalist design, manual function with four RCA input’s, this amp is for those that love their music and want nothing in the way of the signal. Sydney HiFi Castle Hill is happy to demonstrate this unique French brand, hear what is on offer today.

Larvardin Model IT Specifications:

Inputs 4 on gold plated high quality hand mounted cinch connector
Input impedance 10Kohms
Input sensibility 330 millivolts
Line output fixed level tape output
phono input none
Input selection sealed relays, ground & signal
Relay contact gold, silver, palladium alloy
Output power 2x55W RMS on 8 Ohms / maximum 2×105 W on 2 Ohms
Output impedance nominal 8 Ohms
Harmonic distortion 0,001% @ max output
Technology High Speed and low Memory Distortion Solid State Circuits
Lavardin Technologies Design
Size (mm) H 135 L 430 P 340
Finish Black anodised and painted non magnetic high-grade aluminium
Weight 12 Kg net (25 lbs) per unit
Power consumption 35 watts idle ; 400 watts maximum


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