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Elektra HD2 3 Power Amplifier 3X190watt

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The Elektra HD2 3 multichannel power amplifier has been carefully designed using the very best of components by Australian amplifier legend Author Rappos to reproduce full high-resolution audio from all of the latest movie soundtrack formats. This means you hear all the movie soundtracks as the studio mastering engineers intend; clearly and without distortion.

Electra HD 2 amplifiers are available in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 channel versions ideal for home cinema when combined with one of our Home Cinema Processors

Electra HD2 3 Key Information:

Designed and built in Australia

Power per Channel(RMS) 

  • 3 Channels at 8ohms 190watts
  • 3 Channels at 6ohms 225watts
  • Damping Factor >5000

Dynamic Power (RMS)

  • 8Ohms 200watts
  • 4Ohms 400watts
  • THD@1Khz <0.0001%
  • THD <0.001%20-20Kh
  • Frequency Response 3Hz-250kHz.+0,-3d
  • PSSR 85dB
  • Balanced Input 47KΩ+47KΩ
  • RCA Input 47KΩ

Also Featured:

  • Single Potted Silent Power Transformer
  • Discrete Power Amplifier Circuitry
  • Banana Plug Speaker Connectors
  • 12V Trigger

Elektra HD2 3 Dimensions:

445mm(w) x 370mm(d) x 160mm(h)


Additional Information

Front Panel Design

Elektra, KRIX