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ASI LiveLine Twin-Enclosure Preamplifier – Special Order Only


The ASI LiveLine Preamp is the natural partner for the Grand Stereo or Grand Monoblocks, a purely natural sounding design that gives no tonal imbalance of its own. The preamp is a vital component in any stereo system, choosing the LiveLine will let your system deliver everything that it is capable of. ASI amplifiers for many are the final product purchase in the pursuit of high fidelity reproduction.

The LiveLine twin-enclosure preamplifier offers three RCA and three XLR inputs and two XLR outputs. Maximum swing voltage is 18V RMS. Input and output impedance are 30K and 30 ohms respectively. Frequency response is a very wide DC to 600kHz ±0/3dB. Channel separation is <120dB and the A-weighted noise floor is <130dB. Maximum power consumption is 60 watts and the unit operates at up to 40°C in room (internal temperatures may approach 60°C).

The distortion with a 1V rms output level into a 600-ohm load impedance is 0.0001% THD across the audible bandwidth and 0.0001% IMD. The main unit measures 505 x 360 x 120mm WxDxH and weighs 12kg (19.9 x 14.2 x 4.7″ and 26.4lbs). The power supply measures 505 x 330 x 120mm WxDxH and weighs 13kg (19.9 x 13 x 4.7″ and 28.6lbs).
The warranty for all ASI electronics is 5 years parts & labor.

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