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Kharma Enigma Veyron Interconnect Cable

$38,500.00 inc. GST



Kharma Enigma Veyron Interconnect Cable INTRODUCTION

Solid core silver gold and carbon conductors are used to create the Ultimate Interlink Cable. On top of this hybrid SNC™ construction, we’ve also made use of various diameter Silver-Gold conductors to build further on in-house developed knowledge. Our heritage in this way merges perfectly with cutting edge technology. Protected against mechanical and electromagnetic disturbances with a triple layer screening, vibration-reducing tubing and embroidered leather sleeves.

The XLR and RCA plugs both have a delicate Kharma design matching the cable endings. The XLR contains Silver plated contact pins, where the RCA even has a pure silver centre pin.

As the smallest details speak the loudest, Kharma takes the notion of the smallest details in the materials, process and development to enhance the smallest details in the musical experience. Beautifully illustrated by the craftsmanship of this Enigma Veyron Interconnect Cable.

Kharma Enigma Veyron Interconnect

Kharma Enigma Veyron Interconnect Cable Information:


All details of the Enigma Veyron Interconnect Cable are aligned. As well as the RCA and XLR plugs. The RCA has a pure Silver centre pin and the XLR has its own Silver plated contact pins. Every small detail has been taken into consideration, leaving nothing behind in the design process and creating a product without any compromise and fully developed to enhance the musical experience to a level beyond imagination


The aesthetic beauty of the Enigma Veyron Collection can be found in the smallest details, because of the philosophy of Kharma. All trimming details of the Enigma Veyron Interconnect Cable are seamlessly matched with the Enigma Veyron Collection to achieve the perfect balance.



  • KIC-EV-1.0

Minimal length

  • 1 meter


  • XLR or RCA

1-meter length is standard, other lengths are available to special order. Please contact our friendly staff for further information and pricing

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