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Kharma Supreme Reference: Interconnect Cable

$3,600.00 inc. GST


The Supreme Reference Interconnect cable is based on high quality pure silver-gold conductors which are positioned in a special star-like concentric configuration and air insulated. To protect the signal from unwanted external electromagnetic interference, the conductors are placed behind a very effective shielding. 

The Interconnect cable is available in an analog or digital version, which for example can be terminated with high-quality RCA plugs with a solid silver-gold centerpin. As a result a perfect match with the pure silver-gold conductors, realizing a high-quality one-material conductor-termination-circuit.

All this leads to a clear and very revealing cable, with impressive resolution, great dynamics, sweetness, air and an open and wide stereo image. No excess decoration and unnecessary complexity make this cable true value for your money and without a doubt the best interconnect cable in its price-league.

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