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Analysis Plus SUB Oval Subwoofer Cable

$200.00 inc. GST

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The Analysis Plus Sub Oval Interconnects deliver the pulse-pounding glory of musical deep bass response, not just the loud noise that other cables can convey. That’s because Sub Oval provides the optimal signal-to-noise ratio for recreating true and accurate low-frequency performance.

Exclusive hollow oval conductor geometry maximizes signal transfer. To minimize low-frequency noise, Analysis Plus has decreased the loop area between the signal conductor and the return where noise most commonly occurs. Complete shield coverage and solder-less 360-degree compression connections also contribute to Sub Oval’s extremely quiet nature. And the low price is just as attractive as the performance.

There’s nothing like a subwoofer to kick life into a film soundtrack or musical performance. A subwoofer brings the full power of realism to music and theatre effects, but only if the signal from your amp arrives at the subwoofer intact. Anything added or subtracted from the signal degrades the listening experience, robbing low frequencies of their excitement.

Analysis Plus Sub Oval Key Features:

  • 360 degree compression RCA connections
  • 3 metre standard other sizes available to order

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