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Rega APHELION 2 Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

$6,299.00 inc. GST

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The Rega Aphelion 2 is the 4th generation of Rega’s unique handmade moving coil cartridges. Taking the technology developed from the original Aphelion and the latest Apheta 3 to the next level, our engineers have now fine-tuned every aspect of the original designs

Rega APHELION Cartridge 2

 Rega APHELION 2 Cartridge Key Features :

  • Reference Moving Coil (MC) Phono Cartridge
    New! New Fine Line diamond stylus with boron cantilever
    Graded zero tolerance black anodised aluminium body RRP
    Special order Input load impedance: 100 Ohms; 350uV output voltage


  • Tracking Pressure 1.9 g
    Input load impedance 100 ohms
    Output impedance 10 ohms
    Nominal output voltage 350μV
    Channel Balance : ≥ 10μV
    Separation : ≥ -29dBMass 6gKey Features :

    Graded zero tolerance black anodised aluminium body
    Boron rod cantilever
    ‘Fine Line Type’ profile, nude diamond stylus
    Iron micro cross & coil assembly making one of the worlds smallest MC generators.
    Worlds most powerful miniaturised neodymium magnet.
    High specification fine wire 0.018mm

    Load settings for adjustable MC stages

    Impedance -100ohm
    Capacitance – 1000pF
    Gain setting – High (‘On’ position for Rega phono stages )

    MC dip switch settings for all adjustable Rega MC cartridge models.

    Aria MC dip switch settings for all Rega MC cartridge models


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