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The SG-210 features both +15dB single-ended variable outputs and fixed outputs. The +15 dB variable outputs allow using the SG-210 directly with your power amplifier, eliminating the requirement for a line amplifier in a vinyl playback system. consequently, you may also be able to match levels with other line sources in a multi-source system.

There are fixed outputs for recording or sourcing into a second system and are not affected by the volume control. 

The supplied SG cartridge comes with the SGS-5 stylus assembly as standard, however, you may purchase the system with the SGS-6 stylus for an extra surcharge at the time of ordering.

Like all SG preamps, the SG-210 features an auto-mute circuit that protects your system and speakers from transients due to an accidentally dropped styli.

The front panel auto-mute also allows quiet introductions to play or record your vinyl.

All SG systems feature user replaceable styli, however, due to the nature of the cartridge design, styli are individually matched to each cartridge. If additional styli are desired, it is highly advisable to order them with your system order.

The SG-210 comes standard with a black anodized case, however, custom wooden cases in black or mahogany (as shown) are also available.

Anthony Cordesman in his review for The Absolute Sound, Cordesman found “that a properly set-up [SG system] offered the cleanest and smoothest upper octaves, the lowest noise, and the best-defined soundstage I have yet heard from any system designed to reproduce records.”

SOUNDSMITH SG 210 Specifications:

Cartridge Type = Strain Gauge

Stylus Type = Conical Elliptical Shibata Contact Line O.C. Contact Line

Output = Specialty

Available As Dual Coil Mono = No

SG-210 black metal box Dimensions:

Width = 159mm

Hight = 89mm

Depth = 254mm

Weight = 1.36kg

The Replacement Styli Options
SGS-1 Bonded Shibata/Aluminum Cantilever ~ inquire for pricing
SGS-2 Nude Elliptical, Aluminum cantilever ~ inquire for pricing
SGS-3 Special 1 mil radius conical (for vintage 48-49 records) ~ inquire for pricing
SGS-4 78 RPM stylus special Soundsmith EQ in line circuit must be used ~ inquire for pricing
SGS-5 Nude Contact Line/Ruby Cantilever (standard design supplied with SG cartridge)
~ If Purchased separately ~ inquire for pricing
SGS-6 Nude “Optimized Contour” Contact Line/Ruby Cantilever ~ inquire for pricing

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