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If you are Building or Renovating and have not thought about how your TV's and audio-visual systems can integrate seamlessly into your home GIVE US A CALL! Far too often we visit homes, where no pre-thought, has gone into audiovisual and trying to seamlessly implement a system once the home is finished is either near impossible or very messy and expensive, you can literally save thousands by preplanning your system and running cables in the build/reno stages.

A Guide to Key Areas for Audiovisual in a home:

Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill has been custom installing audiovisual systems into homes for over 20 years and over this time we come to understand an appreciate what systems work best and get the most use over time, we have listed some key areas around the home where audiovisual is tried and tested.
  • Surround sound in media room, living, rumpus or lounge (to enjoy sports and movies, TV shows and feel like you are right in the middle of the action)
  • Dedicated Cinema (You will rarely go to out the movie theatres again! We have also noticed more and more people with teenagers are looking for ways to have their children socialise at home under a watchful eye or two, having friends around to watch the big game or a movie, swim in the pool, BBQ etc. is very popular)
  • Kitchen (the kitchen is the meeting place in a lot of homes and if you like to cook having music playing in the background is a winner)
  • Lounge/Retreat audio zone (if you plan to have an area where you just kick back and relax music is vital)
  • Bathroom where a bathtub is fitted (Who wouldn't like to listen to some nice music in the bath?)
  • Study if you spend time in the study or work from home having some background music playing is good for the soul)
  • Alfresco (we live in a country that loves alfresco dining and entertaining music is a must for this area, maybe even a TV!)
  • Pool (why wouldn't you have music by the pool?)
There are so many possibilities and options available to you when you are in the building or renovating stage it would be best advised to contact one of our friendly staff, book a time to meet at our showroom and be guided through the possibilities first hand, that way we can also access your individual needs and design a system to suit you.

System Design:

Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill System Design is the most important step in the entire process and is where we take your requirements and build a virtual system with the goal of exceeding your expectations within the budgetary parameters that you have set. For example, you may buy a "package" from a retailer and have your electrician install it and you may be very happy with it, however, you also do not know what you're missing out on! You have most likely purchased a system based on price and not compatibility and you have had it installed by someone that may not be trained in the optimal placement of speakers etc. At Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill your system will properly be designed by highly trained staff to not only be compatible with your requirements and budget, but each component will also work in harmony with the other to ensure excellent performance and be placed in optimal positioning around the room to guarantee the best performance outcome possible. Once we have agreed on a system we then move on to preparing wiring diagrams to map out what cables are going to be required and where to run them in preparation for Pre-Wire.

In house Services Offered:

Our in house custom installation team are able to assist you with the following services
  • System design
  • pre-wire and cabling service
  • Custom Cinema
  • Surround sound
  • Multi-Room Audiovisual
  • Wireless access points
  • Wired network infrastructure
  • Control and automation
  • Power protection systems
  • Lighting
  • Intercom
  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • Hi-Fi systems
  • Final installation
  • System Programming
  • Calibration
  • Support

DIY OR Contractors:

DIY   If you are a hands-on person or are in a trade where you have the opportunity to use some of the equipment we offer please get in contact with one of our custom staff members and have a conversation about your requirements. We would like to make ourselves available to assist you in any way we can for you to achieve the best result possible for you and or your clients.

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