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Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill has specialised in turntables for many years and our staff have extensive knowledge in what makes a turntable sound good, how it should be set up and what accessories are necessary for you to get the most enjoyment from your vinyl collection both new and old.
  • What should you look for in a turntable?
  • Isolation, the better your record is isolated from its surroundings results in less vibration when the stylus is reading the information achieving better sound reproduction
  • Tonearm, A tonearm should be lightweight but not susceptible to vibration for the same isolation reasons listed above, this is a very tricky outcome to achieve so clever engineering and high-grade materials are essential!
  • Enertia, we find the heavier the platter the more constant speed is maintained, the added bonus is that the overall isolation factor is also improved
  • Cartridge, The best form of upgrade to any turntable is the cartridge, massive improvements in fidelity can be achieved by having a superior cartridge installed.
  • Clean Static Free Records, We have experienced over the years the difference a record bath makes to the quality of playback to the point we bathe all of our records brand new or old. once a record is clean it should be discharged of static and dust just before playback for the very best results.


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