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Manhattan New Yorker Pro Cinema Seating

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Due to agreements in place with the manufacturer/distributor this product is unavailable for online sale which is why there is no add to cart. Please either fill out the enquiry form on this page or give one of our friendly staff members a call, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have in the best interests in securing your business

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The Manhattan New Yorker Pro redefines excellence in home cinema seating. Premium, heavy-duty construction ensures an extremely long lifespan. Contact us to discuss the many options available to tailor the New Yorker Pro to suit your individual needs.

Manhattan New Yorker Pro Key Features and Options:

New Yorker Pro Series Standard Features:
– Dual Motor Mechanism (Seat + Headrest)
– 5 Year Warranty On Frame, Mechanism & Electronics (Even In Commercial Use)
– Black Buttons With Blue Backlight & USB Port – Black USB Reading Light Included (1 Per Chair)
– Black Plastic Or Metal Cup Holder (With No Light Pollution)
– Personalised Comfort (Soft, Medium or Firm)
– Tailored Leather / Fabric & Stitching Colour Choices

A choice of fabric or leather is available. Pricing is on standard leather finish

New Yorker Pro Key Optional Extras (please contact our friendly staff for further information):
– Luxe +7cm Wider Recliners
– Chiller Cup Holders With Illumination
– Massage Function
– Removable Tray Table
– Italian Leather
– Embroidery To Headrests
– Crowson Tactile Motion System

Manhattan Mechanism

Manhattan Cinema Seating

All Manhattan chairs feature a premium motorized recliner mechanism as their foundation, providing a sturdy base for the chair to be built on. What’s more, they come with our ultra-quiet ‘Stealth’ motor, barely audible even in a quiet cinema room. Power recline offers a huge advantage in that the chair stays put at the angle you choose, if you shift your weight the chair won’t budge. The mechanism is designed for cinema usage. As you recline, the entire chair moves forwards allowing it to be placed very close to the back wall. What’s more, the leg rest comes up first and this allows more flexibility in how far back you want to recline, allowing for more comfortable cinema viewing and ensuring your ear height does not change much, allowing for better calibration of your home cinema.

Manhattan Quality Frame
Manhattan Cinema Seating

The frame is perhaps the most important component to provide a long-lasting chair. Manhattan frames are hand made by skilled carpenters to ensure the best fit and finish, especially important in long rows. Using a solid wood frame will ensure many years of sturdy use. The consoles are all wood construction and every little detail has been thought through, even to the point where the storage compartment lid uses soft close hinges to stop it from slamming.

Manhattan Pro Series recliners take things to the next level, with commercial-grade frames which are much heavier. These offer the ultimate in longevity and are warranted for commercial use.

Manhattan Seat Base

Manhattan Cinema Seating

Comfort is really important. But so is longevity. Many chairs on the market feel extremely soft when you first sit on them in a showroom… However, try sitting on them for a 2-hour movie, you will find the lack of support comes through over time. Further, super soft chairs typically utilise very thin springs which bend and snap, and low-density foams that sag after as little as 6 months of use.

With Manhattan Standard Series recliners, they have adopted a ‘pocket spring’ seat base, with each coil is in its own enclosure providing ultimate stability across the seat. The pocket springs are sandwiched between two layers of high‐density foam. The whole base is then wrapped in an ultra‐breathable cloth to allow airflow and easy drying for any spills. They then take it a step further with the Pro Series recliners, using a multi-gauge high tensile spring system and foam packs in three different settings: soft, medium or firm – your choice at no extra cost.

Of course, Manhattan doesn’t stop there, the backrest and headrests are super plush. Several models feature dual motor options for the perfect positioning of your head to see the screen. The armrests are positioned to allow for support and relaxation. The ultimate test is to watch our client’s expressions when they first sit in our demonstration chairs–almost always a smile from ear to ear.

Fit the best top grain leather or fabrics

Manhattan Cinema Seating

Manhattan only uses top grain leather, no split, no reconstituted, only the best, everywhere you touch. Leather is a great product for a cinema chair with a fantastic texture and softness, as well as being easy to clean. Manhattan also has vegan-friendly microfibre leathers available (which in many cases are harder wearing than top grain leather). Of course, there is a range of fabric finishes too, especially popular for those living in colder climates providing a more natural warmth as well as a more affordable price. Fabrics include suede, textured and velvets!

The flagship finish is the Muirhead range of leathers, found in the worlds highest performance sports cars and first-class suits of the worlds top airlines. Manhattan deal directly with the tannery in Scotland. These are the best of the best leathers, available in 140 colours.

And finish by allowing you to truly customize the final product

Manhattan Cinema Seating

Manhattan wants their chairs to be all about you. As such they have created a huge list of options to make this possible. For the full list of options contact our friendly staff for further information

The most popular options are our chiller cup holder with in-seat heating, massage and integrated lighting also, the Crowson motion effects system allowing you to really feel the bass through the chair.


Manhattan New Yorker Pro

Colours and Finish Levels, the price will vary based on finish choice:

Manhattan Cinema Seating


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