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Audio Technica A900x Headphones

$369.00 inc. GST


The Audio Technica A900x are an upgrade from the much-loved A900s, the Audio Technica A900x power-up with real sound presence and magnificent bass. Great for audiophiles and boutique gamers.

The A900x features aluminium housing that offers superior clarity and a lightweight design. Vocals lift out of the mix, the bass comes in with real character without making your ears bleed. There is not many that have the same sound control as the A900x. It’s all about real-life presence, accuracy and crystal clear sound.

3D wings and flexible construction provide ultimate comfort. Soft pleather pads and cloth wrapped cords give the headphones that extra added luxury. Great for watching movies and for realism in games with sound design.

The flexible headband is light and gives you a bit more freedom in movement without snapping back at you. They are also flexible enough to push to one side for monitoring. The 53mm driver allows for a bigger frequency range and sound production. It also features D.A.D.S. (Double Air Damping System) for better bass reproduction.

Superior sound and comfort without the bulkiness of high-grade headphones.

Audio Technica A900x Specifications

  • Accessories: Detachable 1/4″ (6.3 mm) adapter
  • Frequency Range: 5-40,000Hz
  • Speaker Driver: 53mm
  • Power Handling: 2000mW
  • Cord Length: 3.0 m cloth sheath (OFC)

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