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Trinnov ST2 HIFI Digital Sound Processor

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The Trinnov ST2 HIFI will transform your Hi-Fi system and provide you with playback results you can only dream of. Most rooms introduce up to 10-dB of distortion in frequency response and taking into account that speakers with a perfect impulse curve do not exist meaning that Hi-Fi systems and the rooms to which they reside are mathematically flawed for best acoustic results. The ST2-HiFi will sit between your preamplifier and power amplifier or source and preamplifier and is designed to solve the acoustic equation between room and speakers to take your Hi-Fi system to a whole new level.

Trinnov ST2 HIFI


Trinnov ST2 HIFI Key Features:

• Step-by-step calibration wizard
• Multi-point measurements of all loudspeakers
• Up to 6 customisable profiles and 29 user presets
• Automatic alignment of delays and gains for every driver
• FIR and graphic EQs
• Remote control via VNC or external mouse/keyboard
• Automatic optimization of amplitude and phase response according to Target Curves

The ST2-HiFi resides between your system’s preamplifier and power amplifiers. You simply connect Trinnov’s 3D calibration microphone and run the Optimizer’s step-by-step calibration wizard. In just a few minutes, it provides you with five automatically generated compensations to get your listening experience started.

Calibration microphone required and is available as an optional extra or our expert staff will calibrate your system for you for a fixed fee

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