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Tributaries UHDP HDMI Cable

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The Tributaries UHDP HDMI Cable is the perfect cable to sit between your AV receiver and 4K projector. The UHDP series of HDMI cable supports 4k 60 frame signals up to 15 meters in length

Tributaries UHDP HDMI Cable Key Features:

  • Designed, packaged and tested in Orlando Florida, USA
  • Supports UHD HDMI 4K/60 signals
  • Passive ½ meter – 4 meter cables are guaranteed to pass data rates of 18Gbps
  • Active 5 meter – 15 meter cables are guaranteed to pass data rates of 11.14bps
  • All cables earned the coveted DPL Labs® Seal of Approval
  • Small 23mm size connector head – about the size of a quarter
  • Power Grip™ connector is tight fitting without the death grip hazard of locking connectors
  • Directional Go! Active Technology™ is built into display connector to ensure signal integrity in long runs
  • Elegant woven jacket on Short lengths ½ meter – 3 meter
  • Flexible UL CL2/FT4 rated jacket appropriate for in-wall use

Download the 12 meter info sheet PDF HERE

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