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Bassocontinuo Ghironda Audio Rack


​                AUDIO VIDEO RACK

Structure: Modular solid stainless steel, indipendent shelves

​ and adjustable spikes.​

Thickness of the shelves:             25 mm / 1″.

Height between shelves:             From 95 mm​ to 350 mm

Overall dimension:          ​1140 x 565 mm (W x D)

​Useful sizes:       2 place of 500 x 500 mm (W x D)

​Top shelf useful sizes:    ​1140 x 565 mm (W x D)

Load capacity:    140 kgs

Decoupling:        Elastomer washer under each shelf and DSD under the rack.

Note:    Easy to install. Always expandable and upgradeable.

​ An efficient object with a unique design.

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