We have put together a selection of cinema packages at various prices and performance levels. These packages are to provide you with an indication of what is possible. We offer a full home theatre design service to either take one of the packages offered and make it yours tailoring it to suit your room, needs and budget. Alternatively, we can design a bespoke cinema/media room to suit you from the ground up.

We also have an in-house highly trained installation team with many years of experience ready to build your dream home cinema or media room.

Home Cinema Packages

5-1 Cinema Package

$9,500.00 inc. GST

Home Cinema Packages

5.1.2 Media Room Theatre Package

$13,100.00 inc. GST
$21,000.00 inc. GST
$22,954.00 inc. GST
$14,442.00$18,442.00 inc. GST
$15,500.00 inc. GST
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