Subwoofers aside from centre speakers are the most important speaker in home cinema, subwoofer not only creates explosions and rumbles that we here and feel they are also in charge of more delicate tasks like creating the body of effects in a windstorm, for example, you will notice all of your main, surround and effects speakers but you may not notice the subwoofer! if you were to turn the sub off you would be amazed at how much immersion it is creating!

Why are two subwoofers better than one? well, it’s more the case that you can never have too many subs! Can subwoofers be beneficial in a two-channel Hi-Fi system? In the case of REL subwoofers, the answer is an absolute yes! Give or friendly staff a call or visit the showroom to learn more

We carry quality brands such as JL Audio, Bowers & Wilkins, Sunfire, REL, Krix, Audio Physic, Kharma and Legacy

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