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Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet

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Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet implement class-leading anti-vibration technology and design to improve the performance of your Hi-Fi and AV equipment, Place Ultra Feet under your Hi-Fi and AV components and the feet will remove any vibrations that are transferred through the cabinet or shelving resulting in superior audio performance. Ultra Feet are the only isolation feet on the market that is backed up by a structural engineers report which you can download HERE

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet Key Info:

• Each foot is adjustable in height: this guarantees fine-tuning of your set-up.
• Ultra Feet are decoupled by Technogel®: up to now the best fluid-solid material on the market. Technogel® combines 3D fluid deformation, therefore the utmost damping rate, with memory form of solid which guarantee constant performance during its life.
• Each foot is decoupled on both sides (shelf and electronic), makes it a full-fledged independent system. The component is floating on Ultra Feet, avoiding any kind of mechanical coupling.

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet colour chart

Unsure about what feet will suit? Call our friendly staff and they will assist you in choosing the right product to suit your needs!

Download Structural Engineers Report HERE

Download Info Sheet HERE

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Level & Feet QTY

Level 2 Silver 3 feet per box, Level 2 Silver 4 feet per box, Level 3 Red 3 feet per box, Level 3 Red 4 feet per box, Level 4 Gold 3 feet per box, Level 4 Gold 4 feet per box, Level 5 Black 3 feet per box, Level 5 Black 4 feet per box, Level 6 Turquoise 4 feet per box for loudspeakers