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Control4 8 Channel Relay

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The Control4 8 Channel Relay is a key component in the Control4 centralised lighting and automation platform providing the ability to switch lights, operate fans, blinds and motors etc.

Control4 8 Channel Relay Key Features:

• Controls up to eight high in-rush loads.
• Channel buttons allow for toggling on/off a load.
• Channel status LEDs indicate whether a load is on or off.
• Module override button allows toggling between the module override scene and all channels off or setting the module override scene to current channel on/off settings.
• Module status LED indicates if module power is on with normal operation, off, or in thermal overload.
• Link/Activity LED indicates system link status, communication activity, or firmware update status.
• Reset button can be used for factory default or various IP configuration settings.
• Auxiliary override connection allows a standard line-voltage toggle switch to control the attached lights before the control system is installed or in case the controller malfunctions.
• Module can be installed in either a Control4 5- or 2-slot panel or a third-party DIN rail panel.

Control4 lighting components must be installed by a licenced electrician and programmed by an authorised Control4 programmer. For more information on Control4 lighting and automation please contact our custom installation division

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