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Chord Electronics ULTIMA 2 Reference mono power amplifier

$80,000.00 inc. GST

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The Chord Electronics ULTIMA 2 mono amplifiers feature the flagship ULTIMA topology delivering 750 watts of power into 8 ohms and 1305 watt into 4 ohms. The Ultima 2 is the direct replacement for the multi-award-winning SPM-6000 MK2 mono amplifier which was extremely successful. Ultima 2 utilises Chord Electronics 30 year experience in design and engineering top class amplifiers to deliver amplification only surpassed by its big brother the ULTIMA. I found while listing to the Ultima 2 when increasing the volume you don’t so much notice the system getting louder but more that the overall presence of the music gets larger in scale, a truly remarkable and uniquely Chord experience!


Chord Electronics ULTIMA 2

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1x Balanced XLR Inverted Input

1x Balanced XLR Non-inverted Input

1x Gold Plated Unbalanced RCA Inverted Input

1x Gold Plated Unbalanced RCA Non-inverted Input

1x 12v Trigger Input – Chord Electronics Auto Start


2x Pair of High Quality, High Current, Gold Plated Type Speaker Terminals (Bi-wireable)

Chord Electronics ULTIMA 2 KEY FEATURES

  • Class AB Sliding Bias
  • HF Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Proprietary Chord MOSFETs
  • Fully Balanced Circuitry
  • Convection Cooled
  • Balanced XLR Inverted Input
  • Balanced XLR Non-inverted Input
  • Unbalanced RCA Inverted Input
  • Unbalanced RCA Non-inverted Input
  • 12v Trigger On/Off Input
  • Dimmable feature lighting
  • Included Top Light Ring
  • Solid Aluminium Chassis


1.5m 15a IEC Mains Power Lead


Output Power:

750w RMS per channel @ 0.05% distortion into 8Ω

1305w RMS per channel into 4Ω

Frequency Response:

-1dB @ 0.2Hz to 46kHz and -3dB 0.1Hz to 200kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio:

Better than -89dB

Channel Separation:

Better than 90dB

Input Impedance:

100kΩ Unbalanced/Balanced

Output Impedance:




Dimensions with included Integra Legs:

18cm (H) x 48cm (W) x 67cm (D)

Dimensions with optional Side Blocks:

15cm (H) x 42cm (W) x 67cm (D)


  • Chassis is available in jett black or argent silver

Leg options:

When ordering your new Chord Electronics product you can specify if you want legs or a side facia and if you choose legs you can also choose from three colours

Chord Electronics

Pricing indicated is for a pair

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