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Unison Research Primo/Krix Harmonix Pack

$6,094.00 inc. GST

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Unison Research Primo/Krix Harmonix Pack details


The Krix Harmonix floorstander offers a great entry point into quality sound. Krix insist on making everything here in OZ and have been doing so for over forty years. The Harmonix is solidly built and offers a smooth but detailed sound.


The Unison Research Primo Hybrid Integrated amplifier works a treat with the Harmonix, delivering 80 watts a channel you can be sure there is plenty of control throughout the range. Hybrid design means there is a valve in the preamp stage, this gives a very natural tone and creates the element of the musicians playing in front of you.

Unison Research Primo/Krix Harmonix product information links:

Krix Harmonix-mk2-floorstanding-speakers

Unison Research Primo

Unison amplifier in black & silver

Package pricing based on Vinyl black Krix Harmonix ( other colour variants available at extra cost)

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