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Screen Technics CinemaSnap Fixed Projection Screen

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We highly recommend the Screen Technics CinemaSnap range of screens due to the massive range plus they are manufactured in New South Wales! We are able to offer a choice of size, screen material and aspect ratio. We have used Screen Technics projection screens for well over 15 years with excellent results, the vast majority of product sold is in the CinemaSnap range as fixed frame screens provide best results for home cinema.

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Screen Technics CinemaSnap Screen Options:

Ratio Options:

  • 4:3 (Seldom used)
  • 16:9 (Widescreen. Most popular, today’s current standard)
  • 16:10 (Commercial only)
  • 2:35 (CinemaScope)

Material Options:

  • Matt White (Basic Screen)
  • Matrix White (Sharpest Picture)
  • Hi Contrast Grey (For rooms where darkness cannot be achieved)
  • Micro Perforated (Acoustically transparent to position speakers behind the screen)
  • Rear Projection (For systems where the projector is mounted behind the screen)

Frame Options:

Screen Technics offer flocking (velour finish) as an option on some their models, we strongly recommend that this be included when specifying your screen to limit projection over-scan.

  • Fixed Flat
  • Fixed Curved
  • Fixed Flat with Side Masking

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