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Control 4 T3 7 inch Tabletop Touch Screen

$1,478.00 inc. GST


The Control 4 T3 7 inch Tabletop Touch Screen is a perfect command interface to have placed around your modern home. The T3 7″ allows you to access the home intercom, control lighting, control the homes audio/video system and much more from any ware around your home

Control 4 T3 7 inch Tabletop Touch Screen key features;

  • Available in 7″ and 10″ models, the T3 Series Portable Touch Screen provides dedicated, elegant, and mobile control of your home
  • HD camera, combined with speakers and microphone, provides the best video intercom experience yet.
  • Crisp picture with two and a half times the resolution of previous models.
  • Extremely fast and responsive—up to 16 times faster than our previous Touch Screens.
  • Easily configured as a true portable or as a tethered tabletop for flexible installation.
  • Wired and wireless connections through Wireless-N and 10/100 Ethernet.
  • Flexible power options with AC power supply adapter, Power over Ethernet (PoE), or internal battery.
  • Video intercom integration with the following Door Stations and Touch Screens: Door Station (C4-DSC-EN) and DS2 Door Station (C4-DS2), T3 Series In-Wall Touch Screens (C4-WALL7, C4-WALL10), and legacy Touch Screens (C4-TW7CO, C4-TSMC7).
  • Audio intercom integration with the legacy Door Station (C4-DSC-EN) and DS2 Door Station (C4-DS2), and the following Touch Screens: T3 Series In-Wall Touch Screens (C4-WALL7, C4-WALL10) and legacy Touch Screens (C4-TW7CO, C4-TSMC7, C4-TSWMC5, C4-TSWMC7).
  • Available in gloss white and black

All Control 4 products must be configured and programmed by a certified Control 4 programmer. Fees apply and are calculated based on your system and how many devices you need controlling.


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