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Audio Physic Step 25 Bookshelf Speakers

$3,600.00 inc. GST


Bookshelf: In the case of smaller speakers, how ever, much lower technical quality often comes with the smaller size. With the bookshelf speakers from AUDIO PHYSIC you do not compromise. We did indeed build smaller cabinets, however we included state-of-the art technology and created a most attractive finish.


Audio Physic Step 25: Built for Speed

Nothing conveys the art and alchemy of high-end audio better, in my view, than the execution of a fine, two-way compact loudspeaker. More than any pull-outthe-stops floorstander, the stand-mounted two-way embodies one of audio’s most challenging balancing acts—engineering the artful sonic choices—deciding the criteria to emphasize or heighten, to limit, even ignore.


Step 25 - $3600
Step 25 Premium Finish - $4200
Step 25 Plus - $4000
Step 25 Plus Premium Finish - $4600

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