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Kharma Exquisite Centre Speaker

$64,200.00 inc. GST


Creating a Kharma Exquisite loudspeaker is a very long process. Looking for the perfect shape, materials and sound… that sense of graceful elegance you would expect from a handcrafted loudspeaker. The far-reaching attention to detail makes this speaker range a class of its own. The design of the new Exquisite Center also reveals this dedicated vision. Moreover the high-quality of this speaker is the result of our unique reputation and style, which is realized by a team of highly dedicated and committed specialists.

The new Exquisite center-speaker has a very important role in a home-cinema system, because most of the speech is mixed down to the Center speaker. By using two of the three Black label drivers for the sub-low and the remaining capacity for the mid range, the frequency-area of speech will be brought alive in a unique way.


System features

The Exquisite Center has a multiple-layer cabinet, which is pressed in between two massive plates, leaving no room for resonance of the body and creating a completely dead cabinet. The drivers with zero compromise, a diamond tweeter and the Kharma Black Label drivers combined with a unique crossover, makes this Kharma speaker the worlds best full range centre channel. Moreover the Exquisite Center is essential to any upper end home cinema setup within the Exquisite Collection.

The Exquisite Center is available with both a high stand and a floor stand. The high version will put the speaker at exactly the right height, where the floor stand will aim the sound field to the right position.

Both a passive and an active version are possible for the Exquisite Center. The active Center has an integrated Kharma amplifier, which is very convenient in a home cinema solution to save space and need for extra external cabling.



The musicality you may expect from the Exquisite Center is for an important part created by the drivers, which can be seen as the engine of the loudspeaker. The quality of the driver is therefore crucial to compete with reality.

Without a doubt the quality of the driver is guaranteed by using a Diamond tweeter as a standard in the Exquisite Collection. This high-frequency driver is a true technological wonder. The tweeter has a diamond cone which have been realised by the so called CVD process. With this process incredible stiffness is reached with a minimum of thickness of only 50 µm. Notice a human hair is in the range of 17 to 180 µm. The cone is the most essential part of the tweeter and because this cone is made of Diamond the tweeter is capable to create impressively pure high frequencies.

High frequencies:            1 x 1-inch Diamond concave tweeter

Mid frequencies:             1 x 7-inch Omega 7 driver

Mid / Low frequencies:                 2 x 7-inch Omega 7 driver


Technical specs

The technical specifications of the Exquisite Center reveal the uncompromised design of this speaker. Moreover the high-quality present in this Center is in-line with the quality of the whole Exquisite Collection.

Type:     EXQ-CT-1.2

System:                3-way

RMS Power:       250 Watt

Program power:               500 Watt

Frequency range:            35 Hz – 90 kHz

Nominal Impedence:     4 Ohm

Efficience 2,83V / 1m:    89.5 dB

Maximum SPL: 113 dB



The dimensions of the Exquisite Center can vary depending on the kind of stand used. The wireframe shows the large version of the stand for the Exquisite Center, however also a floor version of the stand is possible. This floor version of the stand is less present in the room, but still aims the sound to create the ideal sound area.

Including Stand:

Width: 740 mm / 29.13 inch

Height:                 1017 mm / 40.04 inch

Depth: 545 mm / 21.46 inch (+/- 10mm)

Excluding stand:

Width: 740 mm / 29.13 inch

Height:                 335 mm / 13.19 inch

Depth: 480 mm / 18.90 inch (+/- 10mm)


Stock Program

A Kharma product must not only have an unbelievable refined sound, which meets the needs of a true music lover, but also must have an astonishing finish to compete with the musicality of the system. As known by Kharma, every customer can have a taste of its own. Therefore Kharma developed three programs to be able to fulfil all levels of customization: the Primary Stock Program, the Kharma Optionary Program and the Kharma Privileges Program.

Primary Stock Program

This program has been targeted as to create the shortest possible delivery time for the official Kharma products. This program is therefore based on the most popular Kharma finishes, which have proven their looks in the past by many successful sales. In this way we can deliver both the high refined sound as the astonishing finish that can be expected from Kharma.

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