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Audio Physic Structure Floorstanding Speakers

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Audio Physic Structure represents the pinnacle in loudspeaker engineering, design, materials and performance. This flagship loudspeaker from Audio Physic displays no compromise ultra high-performance, detail, dynamics, imaging and balance…… I wish I had a pair!

Audio Physic Structure Key Features:

4-Way Design

The 4-way speaker features four different drivers that share reproduction of the entire frequency range. One or more subwoofers, one or more woofers, a midrange and a tweeter. Usually the crossover frequency between subwoofer and woofer is set at around 100Hz, while low and mid frequencies are separated between 250Hz and 400Hz, and the crossover frequency between midrange and tweeter is normally set at 2,000Hz to 3,000Hz.
Sandwich Cabinet Construction
Audio Physic’s unique Sandwich Cabinets are an innovative way to stop the speaker cabinet from developing an acoustical life of its own. It is especially effective with our stylish glass-finished speakers as the relatively high weight of the glass panels helps to dampen the cabinet even better.
HHCT III – Hyper Holographic Cone Tweeter
Many AUDIO PHYSIC Core Technologies have been combined to build the HHCM-III tweeter. Together, they serve a single purpose: To guarantee an authentic rendition of the music, unaffected by any unwanted vibrations.
HHCM III – Hyper Holographic Cone Midrange
Many AUDIO PHYSIC Core Technologies have been combined to build the HHCM-III midrange driver. Together, they serve a single purpose: To guarantee an authentic rendition of the music, unaffected by any unwanted vibrations.
Honeycomb Sandwich Board
Very rigid material with an internal honeycomb structure, It is very light and a lot better in avoiding unwanted vibrations and resonances than the commonly used MDF.
Ceramic Foam Bracing
Ceramic Foam is a high-tech material used for internal bracing in many of our speakers. It is much stiffer than MDF although it consists of 85% air. This means the room taken up by the internal bracing is also part of the effective volume of air the drivers need to work. By using Ceramic Foam, we can build loudspeakers that match and out-perform much bulkier speakers.
Dual Basket Design
AUDIO PHYSIC’S unique DUAL BASKET DESIGN is a true break-through innovation and the most important part of the HHCM-III technology. Instead of the tradition single basket, our HHCM-III features two separate baskets to prevent and subdue unwanted vibrations already at the source.
Vibration Control Feet Magnetic standard
High-End version of our VCF with even bigger improvement of sound performance as the speaker is completely decoupled from the floor by resting on a magnetic field. Also available as VCF Magnetic component for Hi-Fi separates.
Invisible Subwoofer
Some of our speakers feature an internal woofer inside the cabinet provides the same deep bass and punch as an additional subwoofer without anyone ever having to see it.
Active Cone Damping
ACTIVE CONE DAMPING is a unique design to reduce resonances in metal diaphragms, developed exclusively by AUDIO PHYSIC.
Aluminium Phase-Plug
All midrange drivers used in AUDIO PHYSIC speakers feature an aluminium phase plug mounted directly onto the motor system. This elaborate design has several advantages over conventional drivers.
CCAC – Ceramic Coated Aluminium Cone
By coating a conical aluminium diaphragm with a special ceramic material, AUDIO PHYSIC creates a diaphragm that is at the same time very light as well as extremely rigid. When used together with ACTIVE CONE DAMPING technology the cone diaphragm is virtually immune against any partial oscillations that would otherwise impair the sound.
VCT – Vibration Control Terminal
Unwanted vibrations have negative effects on sound quality wherever they occur in the signal path. Because AUDIO PHYSIC has made it their mission to fight unwanted vibration and resonance whenever and wherever they occur, the fully decoupled VIBRATION CONTROL TERMINAL (VCT) has been devised.
Dimensions & Spec:

Height = 1195mm

Width = 202mm

Depth = 370mm

Weight = 47kg in veneer per speaker

Recommended amplifier power  = 40-250 W

Impedance = 4 Ohm

Frequency range = 24 Hz – 40 kHz

Sensitivity = 89 db

Finishes Available:

Glass Carbon, Glass White, Glass Black, High Gloss Ebony, Rosewood High Gloss, Ebony, Walnut, Cheery, Glass Red, Glass Anthracite, Glass Gray & Glass Pearl White